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Why consider the Congregational

Methodist Church?


Established in 1852 as a representative-style denomination with a traditional interpretation of God's Word, the CMC remains deeply rooted in Wesleyan doctrine. This means that, although our churches are individually unique from one another, what connects us together is our commitment to remain Scripturally Faithful in all we do.


Each church in the denomination owns their own property (no trust clause) and calls their own pastor. Every church is considered autonomous, while at the same time they are encouraged to develop a unique approach to address the needs within the community in which they serve. The financial support (or tithe) to the denomination/ General Conference is decided upon at the local church level.


Churches in our denomination are free to engage and develop their local ministries independently from denominational pressures of conformity or any bureaucracy - as we have no inherent hierarchy. The function of our Office of the President and the CMC headquarters, along with its divisions and associated boards and committees, is intended to be in a position to assist local churches when called upon. 


The Congregational Methodist Church has programs in place to assist in ministerial development, Sunday School literature, and regional summer camps for both adults and youth. There are also opportunities to serve or directly support mission work and church building/disaster recovery. We also offer full "pass-through" benefits to all church employees including retirement plans (participation is not mandatory).

So Much More!

We have so much more to offer as part of a discussion with your church (including the potential of credentials for your Pastor as applicable). Our desire is to come alongside you during your consideration of the Congregational Methodist Church. We hope to hear from you soon. God bless!

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